Ces thèmes musicaux ont été inspirés par différentes images (montages personnels ou publicités originales).

Musique pour l’émission de TV “How It’s Made: Dream Cars”

Video credits: Lifestyle: Vimeo, Phantom, Lavish Alice – The Camera Crewing Company. Rock: Vimeo, Nation of GO-and Ram Truck spot directed by Ahmet. Pop: Manifesto Fragments Part 1 from Tendril Design + Animation Inc.Concept and Direction: Vini Nascimento. Hip-Hop: KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes.
Fall.in.Love from Günther Gheeraert
Lung Cancer Foundation of America – The Haze from makevisual
Oxfam ‘Human Energy’ from Agile Films
The Iguazu Falls, extracts taken from the Planet Earth Series CBC and BBC.
excerpt from The City Lights (City Lights) produced by Charlie Chaplin